Friday, August 20, 2010

Somerset Holidays and Celebrations is HERE!

I was out of town at an auction on Wednesday and my daughter calls and says "were you expecting a package?"

I pause and try to think "which of my Etsy orders came? my tags? my price gun? did I order something else and forgot?"

so sounding like a child on Christmas I say "open it, open it!"

"a bunch of the same magazine, its you know those magazines you love, but a bunch of the same one"

"well what's it say?"
"Somerset Holid-"

"Oh the holiday magazine is here! ooh ooh ooh thank you for calling! Don't ruin them before I get home!"

See I've been so busy with the store, I haven't been all in my head. I completely forgot I ordered magazines to carry! The best part is, they are not in stores until September 1st!

So if you are looking for a beautiful, keep forever until its pages fall out, so much inspiration that you won't be able to pick your first project type of magazine, head HERE and pick up your copy!

If it says Sold Out, check my store home HERE!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love Easy!

I have been stalling on the fact I needed to add 'pages' to my blog.

Oh my it was SO easy!

Check out my link underneath the banner, the information in them isn't perfect but the fact that I didn't have to purchase a website and hosting to have both of my store information in one location. Woohoo!