Thursday, November 5, 2009



Styl Magazine, a new mag for vintage lovers!

As a lover of vintage, I find it hard to find magazines that fully embrace the vintage indie style. A new magazine has graced our world and it available for digital subscription or print subscription here.

"STYL Magazine is a print and digital publication celebrating the independents. We discuss indie fashion, culture, and living, brought by a collaborative cast of indie artists and designers. An intelligent read, with lots of visually delightful pages, we aim to embody a place where covetable art and scholastic viewpoints intersect."

Their premiere issue (which I happen to be featured in) is now available.

Current issue: Issue 1 "An Inaugural Affair"

If you are like me, you want to see a sneak peek (who doesn't leaf through the pages in the store before you buy?)
So hop on over to the Styl Mag and grab a subscription!

Etsy My Apartment, Plate Wall

Fellow Etsian GreenHeathTreasures recently posted in the forums for suggestions on decorating her new apartment from Etsy, and I, the fabulous Etsy shopper I am, decided to blog what I thought she needed!
I love the way these plate walls look. Here I've borrowed an image from the magazine
Living Etc.

I believe it is August of 2006.
(blue plates) and
my suggestion from Northwest #14: Allison and Bo's Bantam Roost from the Apartment
Therapy website
state souvenir tins.

Which I happen to have a few listed in my shop and many many more in my inventory.
Want this look? but can't find the states you crave? Let me know and I'll see if I have it!

If you like this look but want to put a bright mod twist to it, check out this wall found on the Bluelines Blog

As always here are a few pieces from Etsy to complete this look:

both of these tins can be found here or convo me to see if I have the state you are looking for!

Brighter colors from AntiquesGaloreGal and BreccaMarie

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not by the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin!

Why don't you
Sit right back
And I
I may tell you
A tale
A tale of 3
Little pigs
And a big

The funniest Halloween costume I saw this year was from none other than my cousin's husband, who wore it to work in a Pediatric Chiropractic Center in Omaha.
Needless to say, I had the Green Jelly song in my head all Halloween. Don't know what I'm talking about? Hit play, you will not regret it.

Growing up with a pig selling family, vintage pig items hold a place in my favorites....just a few

WHOSE AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF - 1930's Disney Three Little Pigs Ashtray

from TwitterFlitter for $25.00

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf 1958 Pattern

from futterby for $20.00

Vintage Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

from nelliesattic for $6.00

Little Winking Celluloid Pig Measuring Tape (1930)

from KathysSewingRoom for $5.30

This post is dedicated to my little brother who never fails to let me know when he hear's this lovely ballad, even Walleye Chant renditions!