Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help me!

Oh no, I have completely messed up my settings!! Anyone good at HTML? I was trying to make things more readable. I guess all I did was underlined it?

Bread Pudding--I want some!

I ate THE best bread pudding a few weeks ago at The Blue Moon in Grand Island, Nebraska. Of course ever since then, I have been CRAVING it! SO I've been searching for a fabulous recipe for bread pudding. Do you have one? Post it here in the comments...PLEASE!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Blythe!!

Thanks to Daphne at HardysHandyworks I now know what a Blythe doll is! (A little embarrassed as a vintage seller myself that I didn't know about Blythe, I wonder if I've ever passes one up?)

According to Daphne "Blythe was a doll that was made in 1972 by the Kenner toy company.
She was only produced for about a year. Evidently, little girls found her kind of creepy. She has those big eyes and they change color and position when you pull a string on the back of her head.
The dolls are now produced again in Japan and are sought after by collectors from all over the world!
You can read more about Blythe if you are interested at this site:"

Thanks Daphne!

Who is Blythe? and the comeback of NKOTB

I see products for Blythe dolls all over Etsy, but I have no idea who Blythe is! Is she old? Is she new? Is she yellow? Is she blue? All I know is her wardrobe is WAY more fabulous than mine!

Here is a dress and jacket for brunette bobbed Blythe that I would die for! However my body has a few more curves, this Blythe looks a bit like Posh Spice to me. This dress is made by Pink Parasol Designs at www.HardysHandworks.etsy.com

Or you can choose to spoil you Blythe doll with accessories such as this crocheted ear flap hat by girlwithapurl at www.girlwithapurl.etsy.com But since I don't have a Blythe doll and don't understand them I would have to recommend one of girlwithapurl's custom owls! Too CUTE!

Now on to NKOTB or New Kids on the Block.

I LOVED New Kids on the Block, had the t shirts, giant button, a watch, posters, cassette tapes, VHS tapes...had it all.
The were my first concert.
The one thing I didn't have was this NKOTB lunchbox, but alas it can still be mine in my adulthood thanks to www.PagingMisterHerman.etsy.com a wonderfully new vintage shop on Etsy.

Last night I watched Behind the Music on VH1..well I kinda did. I am hoping them all happiness with their comeback.

But guys...when you are married with children, you shouldn't be singing songs with lyrics like "So u dont gotta be alone (ill be your boyfriend) So u dont gotta be alone (Girl ill be your boyfriend)" Boys you are married you can't be anyones boyfriend, but good luck to you all.
I always wanted to marry you Donnie.
This purse is done by PicturePerfectPurses at www.pictureperfectpurses.etsy.com

Saturday, September 27, 2008

German Heritage

Today was the parade for the big German Heritage Days Celebration in town.
It was my toddlers first parade and he enjoyed every minute of it! We walked through the park, it used to be packed with crafts booths but now is just sprinkled. I wish someone could revive the park craft show.

I remember buying feather clips for my hair (although mine were never as tasteful as these from www.diamondwillow.etsy.com )

DiamondWillow offers a bunch of jewelry made with feathers, she does beautiful work!

German Heritage Days I think has been renamed to Heritage Days now that I think of it, so as a tribute to the lost German in the name I found this super cute German story book offered at www.GrandmothersAttic.etsy.com

Grandmothers Attic is an adorable vintage store on Etsy offering all sorts of ephemera, game pieces, books and loads of other items. Be sure to check her out!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Life is a Living "No David" Book

Okay, new leaf..again, my goal is to blog 3 times a week (baby steps you know?)

So my inspiration today is the fact that "NO" has been the only word out of my mouth today. Have you ever read No David by David Shannon?

Well if you have a toddler, you probably should! I have followed my son around all day as he touched things he shouldn't, looked at me and smiled, until I told him "no"...on to the next item. I am exhausted!
I would love to hear your comments on parenting toddlers (tips and tricks would be great!)

That brings me to my featured Etsy item. A Time Out chair!

This chair is hand painted by

MadelineEdward at www.MadelineEdward.etsy.com

She even does customizing for your very own naughty toddler!