Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lollishops is Open

another update on Lollishops, the site is open, but my shop is not yet....in the meantime you can check me out at DaisyToad's on Etsy

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lollishops Update!

Lollishops is beginning its beta testing on November 15th-A beta testing is basically a test run to work out beginner bugs....................then launch on November 28th!

Interested in being a seller? You can apply to be a vendor by clicking the Lollishops button at the top right hand side of this blog or you can visit this link (remember to tell Lollishops that DaisyToad sent you!).

Vintage Market Sale!

This week I will featuring sellers who are participating in the Vintage Market Sale on Etsy.
What is it you may ask?
November 7th-9th over 50 sellers on Etsy are participating in this huge event! Just search VMS in the vintage drop down menu on www.etsy.com

Here is the complete list of sellers...this will be updated with any late additions!

Vintage Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories:

Carrier's Cozy Cottage
My Southern Lace
Pretty Little World
The Eclectic Diva
Daisy Toad
Retro Cycle
Haute Country Vintage
Erstwhile Style
Cowgirl Junk
Blythe Hopes Vintage
Sassy Catts
The A Bomb
By the Way
Sweet Little
Fancy Scarves Galore
Fancy Pants and More
J. Millies' Just Vintage
Nickie Frye
Dandelion Vintage

Vintage Housewares:

Carrier's Cozy Cottage
My Southern Lace
Cat Nap Cottage
Retro Cycle
Butterflies Are Free
General Whimsy 2
Antique Cellar
The Collector's Closet
Peppermint Pixies
Sassy Doggs
Mr. Filthy Rotten
Samy St. Clair
Sarah Jane & Bentley

Vintage Jewelry:
Carrier's Cozy Cottage
Pretty Little World
My Southern Lace
The Eclectic Diva
A Cache of Jewels
Forever Classique
Cat Nap Cottage
Lembry 123
Oddly In
Vintage Treasures 4 You
Jewelry By Allison
A Page from the Past
Vintage Day
Heidi Jo
Vintage Treasures Galore :

My Southern Lace
Cat Nap Cottage
Yesterday's Pleasures
General Whimsy 2
Good Lookin'
The Queen of Re
Oddly In
Cowgirl Junk
Vintage Treasures 4 You
Hey Chica
Peppermint Pixies
Mr. Filthy Rotten
Samy St. Clair
Madison Rose Vintage
Paper Dolls for Boys
Sweet Little
Fancy's Vintage Store
Heidi Jo

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So as a vintage clothing seller, Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays.

My daughter came to me last week and wanted to be an 80's person...kind like we used to want o go as 50's people....too funny!

Then she started talking about tie dye....then came a long pictorial discussion about the different styles of the different years.

Now her and her friends are going as 80's prom queens! It was SO much fun to put the costumes together...I can't wait to do the hair and makeup.............Wait....who's holiday is this?

this ZumZum is from flashbackRetro.etsy.com

and this black and blue number is from retrorenegadevintage.etsy.com

and wait is 80's style without a pop of color? check out the blue beauty up top from


Monday, October 13, 2008

Lollishops--A brand new shopping experience!

Have you heard of Lollishops? SadieLouWho has created her very own ground-breaking brain child Lollishops!

Lollishops will be a juried site, meaning the sellers must apply and go through a screening process before being accepted to sell.

SadieLouWho's design is super duper sweet, pink and frills galore!

You will find Vintage Treasures, Elegant Whimsey, Fanciful Creations, Romantic Inspirations, ans Artistic Elements.

Interested in selling on Lollishops? Click here for the application .

Interested in BUYING? http://www.Lollishops.com is set to roll out the pink carpet on November 28th!

That is in plenty of time to do your last minute Christmas shopping! The vendors have amazing specials planned for a spectacular Grand Opening! Hope to see you there with your TUTU on!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vintage Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to start your love for wearing vintage is through jewelry. Styles always cycle around. This season some of the most popular jewelry styles are large chunky, striking bracelets..Lucite, enamel, colorful and printed.

VintageFabulous on Etsy has an awesome selection of colorful bracelets!
This lemon yellow lucite set will brighten up any dreary fall day.

PattycakesPlunder on Etsy
also has some amazing pieces...
one of my favorites is this large link bracelet. It is the same style as the bracelet featured a few days ago in my post about the favorites in my own shop!

Enjoy shopping for your own fall jewelry wardrobe and don't forget vintage!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Etsy has Supply!

As promised, today I will highlight a few of my favorites from my own shop NoOrdinaryO, my brand new supply shop!

With Halloween coming up I have to note this adorable costume pattern. Not only is the pattern still usable, but the graphics on the front are great for paper ephemera use! One of the many reasons I love vintage patterns is because of their pictures on the front!

Another of my favorites is this Bingo Game! I have seen amazing things done with Bingo pieces like this pendant by LibertyAspen on Etsy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Etsy has Vintage!

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, it is a website www.Etsy.com where artisans can buy and sell handmade, buy and sell supplies for their craft and art needs AND buy and sell VINTAGE!

I personally have 2 stores on Etsy my main store DaisyToad or www.DaisyToad.Etsy.com
and a supply store NoOrdinaryO or www.NoOrdinaryO.Etsy.com

My favorite pieces in my DaisyToad store are currently
this amazing bracelet ,
this mid century modern table lamp
and this gorgeous patchwork mini dress
Tomorrow I will feature my favorites from NoOrdinaryO!

Do you buy or sell vintage on Etsy? or somewhere else?
Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help me!

Oh no, I have completely messed up my settings!! Anyone good at HTML? I was trying to make things more readable. I guess all I did was underlined it?

Bread Pudding--I want some!

I ate THE best bread pudding a few weeks ago at The Blue Moon in Grand Island, Nebraska. Of course ever since then, I have been CRAVING it! SO I've been searching for a fabulous recipe for bread pudding. Do you have one? Post it here in the comments...PLEASE!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Blythe!!

Thanks to Daphne at HardysHandyworks I now know what a Blythe doll is! (A little embarrassed as a vintage seller myself that I didn't know about Blythe, I wonder if I've ever passes one up?)

According to Daphne "Blythe was a doll that was made in 1972 by the Kenner toy company.
She was only produced for about a year. Evidently, little girls found her kind of creepy. She has those big eyes and they change color and position when you pull a string on the back of her head.
The dolls are now produced again in Japan and are sought after by collectors from all over the world!
You can read more about Blythe if you are interested at this site:"

Thanks Daphne!

Who is Blythe? and the comeback of NKOTB

I see products for Blythe dolls all over Etsy, but I have no idea who Blythe is! Is she old? Is she new? Is she yellow? Is she blue? All I know is her wardrobe is WAY more fabulous than mine!

Here is a dress and jacket for brunette bobbed Blythe that I would die for! However my body has a few more curves, this Blythe looks a bit like Posh Spice to me. This dress is made by Pink Parasol Designs at www.HardysHandworks.etsy.com

Or you can choose to spoil you Blythe doll with accessories such as this crocheted ear flap hat by girlwithapurl at www.girlwithapurl.etsy.com But since I don't have a Blythe doll and don't understand them I would have to recommend one of girlwithapurl's custom owls! Too CUTE!

Now on to NKOTB or New Kids on the Block.

I LOVED New Kids on the Block, had the t shirts, giant button, a watch, posters, cassette tapes, VHS tapes...had it all.
The were my first concert.
The one thing I didn't have was this NKOTB lunchbox, but alas it can still be mine in my adulthood thanks to www.PagingMisterHerman.etsy.com a wonderfully new vintage shop on Etsy.

Last night I watched Behind the Music on VH1..well I kinda did. I am hoping them all happiness with their comeback.

But guys...when you are married with children, you shouldn't be singing songs with lyrics like "So u dont gotta be alone (ill be your boyfriend) So u dont gotta be alone (Girl ill be your boyfriend)" Boys you are married you can't be anyones boyfriend, but good luck to you all.
I always wanted to marry you Donnie.
This purse is done by PicturePerfectPurses at www.pictureperfectpurses.etsy.com

Saturday, September 27, 2008

German Heritage

Today was the parade for the big German Heritage Days Celebration in town.
It was my toddlers first parade and he enjoyed every minute of it! We walked through the park, it used to be packed with crafts booths but now is just sprinkled. I wish someone could revive the park craft show.

I remember buying feather clips for my hair (although mine were never as tasteful as these from www.diamondwillow.etsy.com )

DiamondWillow offers a bunch of jewelry made with feathers, she does beautiful work!

German Heritage Days I think has been renamed to Heritage Days now that I think of it, so as a tribute to the lost German in the name I found this super cute German story book offered at www.GrandmothersAttic.etsy.com

Grandmothers Attic is an adorable vintage store on Etsy offering all sorts of ephemera, game pieces, books and loads of other items. Be sure to check her out!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Life is a Living "No David" Book

Okay, new leaf..again, my goal is to blog 3 times a week (baby steps you know?)

So my inspiration today is the fact that "NO" has been the only word out of my mouth today. Have you ever read No David by David Shannon?

Well if you have a toddler, you probably should! I have followed my son around all day as he touched things he shouldn't, looked at me and smiled, until I told him "no"...on to the next item. I am exhausted!
I would love to hear your comments on parenting toddlers (tips and tricks would be great!)

That brings me to my featured Etsy item. A Time Out chair!

This chair is hand painted by

MadelineEdward at www.MadelineEdward.etsy.com

She even does customizing for your very own naughty toddler!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OOps, I YARTED! Did you???

I've tried my luck with running different sales on Etsy and none of them seemed to work! SO I am trying the Yart Sale along with a ton of other Etsians.
Check out my shop for discounted Yart prices.
Oh yeah ..What is a Yart sale? its the online version of a YARD sale...so feel free to bargain and make offers even for thing that are not in the sale!
all you need to do is click on this link
use the drop down menu to choose handmade, vintage, supply, seller or ALL items
and type in the search box 'Yart' there you go...try it out, buy some stuff!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yay ME!!

Okay so I've got to toot my own horn a bit, all while given mad props to the
Hormel Family Foundation.
I haven't blogged for while because I've been preparing my business plan and presentation for a competition held by the aforementioned Foundation. and I won!!!

What does that mean??
Well Daisytoad's Vintage will be processing into Peacocks and Paisley Vintage.
I found this ACEO by Etsy artist Tiny Paintings and thought is was too perfect.
Please check out
for more amazing ACEO's.
Thank you to everyone who supported me through this process! I has been long and hard, but now it's only the beginning!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow, Days go by!

So a few days have gone by since I posted last, mainly because of the flood.

I have begun to teach myself how to knit. SO last night I mastered casting on.

Now I am learning out of a book, so if you have ever tried to compare a picture of how it should be, to how you hands actually look, you know how confusing it can be!!!

As an ode to all those knitters out there...here are my featured shops!

PS Bitty Moose Radio will be live Wednesday night instead of Thursday, this week only!

The first piece of Little Purls that I had ever seen was this amazing neck cuff, I think this is super sexy. Cable knit, the buttons are handmade and available in custom colors! You can buy it at http://littlepurl.etsy.com/ for $32.00.

I also am totally in love with these earrings!I have never seen anything like them but boy what a conversation piece! Mounted on sterling silver finding these are available in a variety of colors and only found at Little Purls!

This capelet from Haute Hooked Designs
is so beautiful! For $46.oo this capelet will
turn your favorite pair of jeans into an elegant ensemble!

Also at http://hautehookeddesigns.esty.com/ is this brooch to adorn your current favorites.
You can visit http://hautehookeddesigns.com/ on myspace by clicking this link http://myspace.com/hautehookeddesigns

And last but not least is CaitiJo. She makes the most adorable slippers, I can't decide if I like the raspberry or lime ones best! http://caitijo.etsy.com/ also makes Mary Jane slippers!
Now I must go and try to learn a stitch! While you wait for my next blog, go and support our Etsy Artisans! Remember Etsy is Vintage too!

Friday, May 23, 2008

more sorry some ar SO blurry!

Who built the ark? Noah Noah

If you look closely you can see Noah and the Ark

Maybe Baby

Did you listen to Bitty Moose Radio LIVE last night? NO!?!? well go and listen to it now, then buy your own ad for next week! http://bittymoose.com/

Todays FEATURED seller is LIZZYPOPS!
http://www.lizzypops.etsy.com/ give me BABY FEVER! She makes the most adorable baby aprons ever! What a novel idea, protects their clothes in an adorably fahionable way! She uses vintage fabric in some, will heirloom quilt others.
Anything your little heart desires Lizzy will produce!

Do you have a little one who at lunchtime the bib just isn't quite cutting the mess? check out the size of these bibs they are 12 in wide and 13 in long (total) with bib "coverage" length of about 8 inches, made by a true mom who knows what will work!

Need a lovey? but don't want one that everyone else has? or a stroller quilt? let Lizzy solve that for you

http://www.lizzypops.etsy.com/ would love to customize something for you by using her amazing talent of creating quality pieces for you and yours!
Stop by today and tell her DaisyToad sent you!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Funky Fresh

Have you listened to Bitty Moose and Friends Radio yet? Why not!? join us tonight at 6:00 EST for the best in vintage, crafter, indie music, giveaways and a darn good time! http://bittymoose.com/

Bee's Creations features polymer clay pendants and art work.

My definate favorite is this sea pony,
ahh it reminds me of the days before my mom sold all of my My Little Ponies at a garage sale-before I was done playing with them!

One of Bee's newer items is this beautiful necklace and earring set

Don't forget to join Bee and I and listen to Bitty Moose and Friends Radio tonight at 6:00EST at http://bittymoose.com/

Bee's Creations would love to create a custom item for you, you can also visit her blog at http://www.beescreations.blogspot.com/
Up next is Stella James.
Stella upcycles vinyl records using the record itself to make these ultra hip cuff bracelets

and the covers to make sketchbooks, journals and such!

Stella would love to custom create you something featuring your favorite band! http://www/stellajames.etsy.com

Last but not least is Heart on Sleeve aka http://www.pnsnnedls.com/ . I so want this makeup bag, she upcycled this from a plain ol gold bag and created a masterpiece!

She does custom anything, but loves to do tattoo art, so visit her shop and let her know what you are thinking and she can hook you up.

Do you have a party you are planning, you must have these cupcake shot glasses..pretty please with a cherry on top?