Sunday, May 31, 2009

Revisiting Etsy to Shop for Father's Day

DahlilaFound posted a link in the comments to the manly section in her store, which includes shoes and belts and hats....neat stuff : )

Thanks DahlilaFound!

But the rest of my search was pretty disappointing and I don't mean I'm disappointed at the items I found, but I am disappointed at the time it took me to search Etsy and find things.

I found a lot of things that I would buy for my husband but secretly for me, like "his" collection of Boxer Dog figures that I buy for him.

I love this Brinns Dog and Pups Vintage Ashtray from jenscloset for only 8 bucks its a steal...if it is still there when I get my family room shelves up...it is SO MINE!

I also found these that I would decorate the family room with (The family room is the one room in the house where my husband can keep his trophies and college football memorabilia). They are Vintage Case Tractor Metal Emblems from ArtfulVintage for only $12.00.
I am very grateful that my husband didn't find these several years back, because I KNOW he would have worn this vintage t shirt TUXEDO to our wedding! No joke. You can get yours at weltenbueger for only $25.00!

I also found this 1898 Historical Original Map of Nebraska at bananastruedel for $15.00. My dad would love looking at this!
So although searching Etsy for manly items wasn't a total bust, it sure would have been a lot easier with more categories and less mistagging.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Left Etsy Frustrated After Trying to Search for Men's Items

Father's Day is quickly approaching, but there is still time to shop on Etsy for the man in your life! The men in my life are dirty manly men, my husbands idea of dressing up is a t shirt that still has the sleeves on and he hasn't birthed a calf in. So that is my challenge for the day finding manly men things on Etsy! Wish me luck!

Wow, this is A LOT harder than I thought! Searching Etsy isn't an easy task, I've tried browsing by category, but they really aren't set up very shopper friendly. As a seller I'd notice that it is hard to find a way to list men's items, but as a buyer I am usually looking for something specific. I guess I'll just start typing in words of things I WOULD buy and hope for the best results!

Oh my, mistagging, lack of categories I'm frustrated! Must take a break for some Diet Dr. Pepper and come back to this. I'm changing my title to this post!

If you have some suggestions that you have found, post them in the comments!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Pink Dream Kitchen

I've always wanted a pink kitchen.
Will I ever get one? Who knows, probably not, but just in case here are a few items I would put in my pink kitchen. Beware this post could go on forever!

Buppins has this beautiful set of vintage Homer Laughlin Seville China (on sale) for $29.00
I love these super kitsch vintage salt and pepper apple for $22.00 from vintagegoodies
This Set of 4 Pink Hazel Atlas Juice glasses for $20.00 from gatheringvintage is a must have for sipping (pink?) lemonade

abeautifuldecay has this 1950's Vintage Pink and Gray plastic canister set for $45.00
(Just listed, so get your dibs early!)

What's a kitchen without a 1960's Pink Plastic Kitchen Scoop Set Ice Cream and Serving from cheshirecatantiques for $16.00

And this Fun Vintage Pink Apron - To Hell With Housework is another must have from thewingthing for only $10.00In no way is this an fully inclusive blog post, try searching for pink pyrex and pink linens,
you'll be stuck on your computer for hours!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gasp! Cough Cough! What is that Smell?

Living in the country in Nebraska with 2 dogs we have battled our fair share of skunk close calls, in fact 2 years ago our dogs encountered them 3 times in a matter of months.

You would think dogs would be smart enough to figure out the big black and white things are stinky.....but alas.....last night one of the dogs decided to test it out again. This time it must have been right on our front deck because the smell is indescribable.

If you've never smelled skunk up close, it smells nothing like the dead skunk you pass on the highway, it is much much much worse.

So of course this morning I search Etsy for "skunk" and I came across this adorable vintage skunk valentine at ricracandbuttons

for only $7.95

No don't get me wrong I actually think skunks are pretty cute, I like to watch them waddle but whenever this happens I prefer my skunks to look like this Vintage 1940's Art Deco Skunk Fur Bolero Coat - Medium from flapperflock

and for $84.00 you can enjoy your skunk at a cost lower than a dog de-skunking at your local groomer!

So today if you run across my path or at least come within 100 feet of my house you will want this M61 Gas Mask and Filter Original Finish With Bag by DebbieSewingRoom for a mere $25.00 you can come to my house and not be offended, at least by the odor outside!
And if you are visiting, please don't try to call ahead. Since Alltel is merging with Verizon my phones are not working. Ah Nebraska...The Good Life!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Afternoon Thunderstorms Be Prepared with Vintage!

We are just recovering from an afternoon thunderstorm. I love them!
Sitting on the porch, watching the rain and watching my newly grass seeded dirt have the seeds washed away...
Someone please enjoy my expensive grass seed where ever it may land!

Adorable Vintage Smurf Rain Boots Childs Size 5 Childrens at DoNotDestroy for only $16.00!

AuntiePrincess has this Vintage Vinyl See Through Rain Cape (plus I love the outfit underneath!) for only $15.00Partial Post....I'll be back to finish!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two 2 Deux Deuce

Yesterday was my sons 2nd birthday, let the terrible 2's begin! Actually they started a few months back! Today I searched Etsy for the number 2 and here are some of my finds.

My search inspired me to list a Set of Two Gray Donkey Figures Made in Japanfor just $6.00

Then I found these Two White Dogs - Vintage Figurine at lovethatvintage for $15.00
And at VintageMafia I found my favorite Tupperware item ever! These Two Vintage avocado green 20 oz Servalier by Tupperware for $9.00
I have several of these in my fridge now...in the avocado green, gold and orange.
Gotta love those true 70's colors!

Then I search for "number 2" and found this amazing Vintage Number 2 Glass from AtomicHotdish for only $4.25

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

My posts are going to be a bit sporadic for a while, just a little warning!

As some of you readers know I have a baby due June 20th, but have been told by the doctor to "lay low and take it easy" Well that's easier said than done!

We are still trying to finish the oldest daughters room, so she can move in...then the toddler can move into the oldest daughters OLD room and the baby can take the toddlers old room.

To top things off I lost all of my Etsy photo's from my computer, so I need to be retaking all of those, new listing will be as sporadic as my blog posts!

You could always follow me on twitter for the latest update, which will also come here and there : )

Just a few things I found while searching "busy" on Etsy.

Vintage Complete Busy Bee Card Game 1959
from shirly for $9.00

Comic Vintage Busy Persons Postcard from BestWishesPostals
for only $3.50

Enjoy these and hope to bring you more soon!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tween Bedroom Decorating in VINTAGE! Part 2.5

Kids are in bed, now its time to finish shopping!

I found this HOT PINK and ZEBRA Vintage STOOL CHAIR from fabulousmess for $50.00 and it brings in another color to the room, I was really looking for yellow, but the base could always be spray painted if you'd like a different accent color.
But in fabulousmess I also found this great 60s HOLLYWOOD REGENCY Hot Pink Metal LANTERN LAMP. This is $85.00, but such an eye catching piece! I have found a new favorite shop!
For the walls I found this Trio of Hot Pink Kitties from ToHellinAHandbag for $40
I could accessorize this room forever, but the girl needs to put her clothes somewhere so I found this Cottage Cream Shabby Chic Antique Dresser and Mirror at ShabbyChicFairytale for $224.99
Did I forget anything? If so let me know and I'll add to this tween room!

Tween Bedroom Decorating in VINTAGE! Part 2

Were you left on your toes since my last post??

Well I debated a LONG time on the curtains, but I think I'm gonna go with white sheets use blue glass insulators on the curtain rods and as tie backs. that way there is still a pop of color but not a huge print contrast!

Or MidwoodVintage has this less than perfect Vintage Hemingray Aqua Glass Insulator for only $1.99!

Ack the kids are not letting me blog right now...I will be back! Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tween Bedroom Decorating in VINTAGE! Part 1

As we ready for our new baby, my 11 yr old daughter is getting a brand new room, it now officially has half of its walls (hubby better hurry only 5 weeks til baby is here!)

If you have a difficult tween you know that I have few choices on the decor of this room, only the money being spent. So here I am creating the room that I think her and I could agree on, the only challenge? It's all vintage on Etsy!

So I found this awesome WILD vintage 60s MOD ZEBRA striped FAUX FUR bedspread from greygardensvintage for a low $85.00! I know she would love it and it would give me some points to make my own executive decisions about other things!

Add these Vintage Blue shag throw pillow accents from CaptainCat for $26.00

I'm not sure if I would make a wall shelf out of this suitcase or use it on the floor, but what a find! The Blue Starflite.........Vintage Hard Suitcase from swankysatchels for $43.00
Wow! I always new Etsy has some great finds, but I didn't realize how many! I'm going to have to take this room decorating in parts!

Stay tuned for Part 2, if you have any suggestions please link me in the comments!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vintage Time

I love vintage timepieces!
The quality and uniqueness, the history and stories they could tell. Just imagine how many times they've been looked at! A girl anxiously waiting for her date to pick her up, parents waiting for there children at night, if only we knew those stories!

I've never seen a watch like this Jesus watch offered by smallandmousey just a small reminder that we are all on God's time!

Get this daily reminder for only $14.00!

In my last house, our kitchen had an outlet just for vintage wall clocks, do you think I could find one?
If only I had known about Etsy and this clock by GeneralWhimsey2.

This Lux Flower Burst Electric Wall Clock is just $100.00

Leather Cuff Watches are HOT this season.
Everyone from Johnny Depp to David Beckham is sporting them.

SO you need to check out this 70s Vintage Timex Piece from
DaisyToad's Vintage (me!) for only $65.00

Great for Father's Day!

I love this Deco rare jadeite green glass vintage CLOCK by
cutfromthesamecloth for $62.00 you get a gorgeous RARE piece from history!

And last for today (I could go on forever!) is this classic
Baby Ben clock from flohmarkt for only $15.00

So go do some searching and bring some vintage time into your home!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It'a National Apron Day, Are You Wearing Yours?

So I found out today that it is National Apron Day, how are you celebrating? I'm listing several aprons today, but thought I'd show you a few of my faves from Etsy.

First off from lisabretrostyle this adorable Vintage Handmade Full Apron with Strawberry and Flower Appliques

Check out the strawberries on the back ties when you follow the link!

HeyViv has this RIBBON Candy Plaid Apron
And from me? This Pink Floral Half with Hot Pink Trim for only $9.50, I have several apron listed and will be listing more!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How the West was Won...Vintage Style

My hubby is gone this weekend helping a friend, Garrett Nokes, with his 4th Annual Wayne Boyer Memorial Timed Event Showdown

So I was searching Etsy for adorable vintage cowboy and western items and look what I found!

Vintage Porcelain Western Boots at modvintagetravels


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vintage Shoes!

I love vintage shoes!
I was thinking about another Tribute to Mom post, but this ties in since my mom has three closets FULL of shoes!

So here are my picks of the day:

First from TheDustyDog these Vintage 50's Red Leather Gillies Soooo Cute Size 8.5If you have a size 8 1/2 foot you KNOW how hard it is to find cute shoes! They are usually all gone! Now is your chance for some new dancin' shoes!

Everyone needs a pair of blue suede shoes! Check out these ONE FOR THE MONEY two for the show THREE TO GET READY now go cat go from heartfeltvintage

Lastly metallic shoes are SO in this season! So here are just a few from my shop DaisyToad's Vintage

Shiny Silver Penaljo Sandals with Heel in a Size 9 Narrow

Metallic Stripe Pumps Size 5 1/2 AA

Two Tone Metallic Gold and Silver Heels by Personality Size 8

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mama Kitty, Mother's Day and Vintage

Mama kitty and all FIVE of her babies are doing well!
I'll post more pictures tomorrow, I've been trying to leave her alone as much as I can so she can rest (and my hubby says I'm crazy when I stand by the window and watch her nurse her little ones!).

So today I will blog a tribute as an ode to upcoming Mother's Day and the birth of my kitty's kitties!

My first pick is this Vintage Cat Green Glass Decanter Bottle from bouquet for $38.00!I watch my kittens nurse and sleep and wonder this exact sentiment voiced on this vintage 50s CHILDS HANKIE sleeping Kittie Cat Kitten What Do Kittens Dream Of brought to you by AppelJar for only $9.50! I love the jammies on this kitty!

Don't you just love the ruggedness of chalkware?
This kitten family has been through a lot together but look at them!
ionesAttic brings you these Vintage Chalkware Cats for only $16.00
Happy Mother's Day Week to all of you Mother's!