Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paper Dresses-1960s Fad 2009 Treasure

I found a treasure and have listed it on my Etsy Website, a paper dress,
with the Butterfinger logo.

I knew it was neat, I'd never actually touched a paper dress before, but I new the label was old and thought it was unique and fun. I came home and Googled "Butterfinger Paper Dress".
The only result I found was at a site called kakkoii mono.

This site has the same dress in a slightly smaller size and an amazing listing price, I also emailed Christie's Auction House in New York for an estimate and have in turn listed this amazing dress.

Check it out at my site DaisyToad's Vintage.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage Bathroom and Beauty

I love vintage bathrooms.
I cringe when I see HGTV tearing up that small black and white tile,
removing pink and turquoise toilets and sinks.
I also wonder if all housewives from days past looked as perfect as Donna Reed,
or did some of them sit around in sweats?
I found a few bathroom secrets on Etsy.

Vintage retro owl weight scale at buttonsnsuch for $18.00!

Dresser Set Including Brush Mirror and Comb at DaisyToad's Vintage for $52.00

Handy Hannah Hairdryer in Baby Blue at DaisyToad's Vintage for $17.25

Vintage Wig Case/Hat Box in Red Rose Floral
at DaisyToad's Vintage for $24.00

Vintage Sears FACIAL BEAUTY MIST new in box Retro YELLOW 1960's from GottaWannitVintage for $32.00

Lady Schick Electric Razor in Original Case at DaisyToad's Vintage for $10.00

Vintage Toddler Traveler Potty seat
at moongipsies for $3.00

1920 Art Deco Cast Iron Pedestal Sink at SagePatch for $119.00

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Upcycling Vintage Neck Ties

While at the thrift store the other day,
I noticed a HUGE pile of vintage neck ties in amazing patterns.
I thought there had to be something that they could be used for, so of course, I searched Etsy.
Here is what I found:

This adorable TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN Ultra Mini NECKTIE Skirt from Glamarita for $55.00
As I continued to browse her shop I notice she also makes gowns....including wedding gowns!

TIE THE KNOT Custom Wedding Dress in Gold

After I found Glamarita's shop, I was awestruck and none of the other upcycled tie ideas were worth posting about! So I'm ending this post.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Architectural Salvage

I have such a split personality when it come to...well everything, but especially decorating. I love the shabby cottage style, I love fun and funky and I love salvage and primitive!

I never thought about searching for salvage on Etsy. But check out these finds!

Vintage Architectural Wooden Spindles/Ballusters Set of 3
for $30.00 at ArtfulVintage