Thursday, December 31, 2009

Food Planning

I love to cook and I love to eat, I am hoping that buy scheduling meals I will be able to cook more. I read once how much easier it is to cook and plan when you have a well stocked pantry and it is SO true, but it can be expensive if you try to do it without a menu plan. Food Is Fun CookBook by AntiquesGaloreGal for $5.95

I've tried everything from weekly family meetings, to family members planning meals, to cooking once a week or cooking once and eating twice (that doesn't work if you have a husband who eats all your leftovers for his evening snack!)Country Festival Casserole Dish by SouthernLadysVintage for $16.00

My newest thing to try is something that was suggested to me by a mom of 7. Theme nights. And the meal doesn't have to be a perfectly home cooked meal, your family will survive if occasionally you have Macaroni and Cheese or soup and sandwiches sometimes. Sometimes good enough is okay.

Monday Mexican
Tuesday Italian
Wednesday Chicken Night
Thursday Frozen Pizza (my work day so we have an easy meal)
Friday Crock Pot Meal
Saturday Pasta
Sunday Pork or Fish
This definitely needs some tweaking and it may actually come to a set menu every 2 weeks that just alternates, but this will get me thinking and hopefully begin me on my road to organization!

Bon Appetite!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Organization

I am jumping around quite a bit, but that's how I roll.

I, as well as many other people have a very hard time managing everything I have going on in my life. Being a mother of 3, a WAHM with my own business, a wife, active in our church and a husband with an erratic work schedule I don't have a lot of consistency in my life (which I CRAVE) I want to know what is going to happen and when it is going to happen.
------------->Vintage Medicinal Photos by FunRetro

I have figured out that I need to concentrate on what I CAN control in my life. For the next 2 weeks my shop is taking a back burner and my life is coming forward. If for some reason it doesn't take 2 weeks to organize everything, well then, I'll go back to work sooner!

My first step in home organization is to get back on a schedule. This is hard with a 2 yr. old and a 6 month old at home and an 11 yr old in tween activities, but it works. It really does! My housework schedule looks like this.....or it will
Monday Laundry, Kitchen
Tuesday Kids Rooms
Wednesday Laundry, Office
Friday Laundry, Master Bedroom
Saturday Living Room, Family Room, Bathrooms
Sunday REST, well just don't stress

When making a housework schedule, you need to take into consideration other constants in your life.
Wednesday mornings at our house are library days, Thursdays are the days the toddler goes to daycare...and I reserve that day for work (business work).
Saturdays and Sundays I usually have an extra set of hands home so the majority of cleaning is done on those days.
With 2 kids on the floor I (try to) vacuum everyday but I do a thorough vacuuming once a week. Be flexible, adjust your list as you need to but DO NOT backtrack. It can wait til next week if an emergency comes up!

What I can control in my life is MY PURSE. When my purse is a mess, it usually means my life is a mess. My to do list for just today is clean out my purse and make a list of which chores to do on which days.

--------->Wood and Lucite Bluebirds Box Purse for $26.50 by CheekyVintageCloset

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday I sat down and made a list of things I need to do to update my shop. Since I've been selling on Etsy for almost 2 years and am ready to increase my...well hopefully sales, but I'm ready to take the next step and am going to work extremely hard on my shop this year.

----------->Squirrel To Do List $7.50 by AfricanGrey

My goal for this time next year is to have made 1 sale a day or having my total sales at782 on December 29, 2010. I've learned a few things over these past years and will hopefully learn much more this year but to begin I will be doing the following

1. Update my international shipping profiles

I ship worldwide. With this comes the decision of whether to take the time to list every country or have them contact for a quote. Right now the customer has to contact me for a quote, I've been trying to update my profiles with each request, and now I need to update all my listings with the updated shipping info. I hope this makes my international customers happy!
2. Update my shipping costs

Unfortunately the time has come to increase postage. As much as I hate to do so I lose money on shipping. USPS is increasing rates in January and will again in May. I have not increased my rates since I began....so I must now (don't fear, it won't be outrageous! and I still refund any excessive shipping costs!)
3. Retake photos

Last year for Christmas my husband made me a backdrop for my photos. Since then I have purchased lights, a tripod, a new backdrop cloth and set up a room specifically for photo'ing. I need to re shoot some items that haven't sold, before I relist themKalart Custom 8 Splicer for $10.00 by DaisyToad

I have many many other things on this to do list, but my computer time is up!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goal Setting for your Life and Business

A short series that I am going to present is goal setting for your life AND business. I myself am working on this over the next few weeks in hope of making this new year bigger and better than the last.

Series possibly being (Subject to change due to #5!)
1. Prioritizing

2. Home Organization

3. Inventory Organization

4. Mental Organization

5. Setting Workable Standards

No. 3 Bright Yellow Box with Handles $17.00 from SarahAnntiques

Warning Warning Red Alert!

Just fair warning that Listen to Me will not be ignored for much longer! Now that the crazy busy Christmas season has passed I am taking 2 weeks off to reorganize my store inventory, blog and life in general. Check back soon for a fabulous mess!

Red Secretary Blouse with Neck Ruffle and Tie $15.00

Red Suede Flats with Black Bow Size 7.5 $27.50

Sheer Red Half Apron 'Love from Denise' $12.00

Thursday, November 5, 2009



Styl Magazine, a new mag for vintage lovers!

As a lover of vintage, I find it hard to find magazines that fully embrace the vintage indie style. A new magazine has graced our world and it available for digital subscription or print subscription here.

"STYL Magazine is a print and digital publication celebrating the independents. We discuss indie fashion, culture, and living, brought by a collaborative cast of indie artists and designers. An intelligent read, with lots of visually delightful pages, we aim to embody a place where covetable art and scholastic viewpoints intersect."

Their premiere issue (which I happen to be featured in) is now available.

Current issue: Issue 1 "An Inaugural Affair"

If you are like me, you want to see a sneak peek (who doesn't leaf through the pages in the store before you buy?)
So hop on over to the Styl Mag and grab a subscription!

Etsy My Apartment, Plate Wall

Fellow Etsian GreenHeathTreasures recently posted in the forums for suggestions on decorating her new apartment from Etsy, and I, the fabulous Etsy shopper I am, decided to blog what I thought she needed!
I love the way these plate walls look. Here I've borrowed an image from the magazine
Living Etc.

I believe it is August of 2006.
(blue plates) and
my suggestion from Northwest #14: Allison and Bo's Bantam Roost from the Apartment
Therapy website
state souvenir tins.

Which I happen to have a few listed in my shop and many many more in my inventory.
Want this look? but can't find the states you crave? Let me know and I'll see if I have it!

If you like this look but want to put a bright mod twist to it, check out this wall found on the Bluelines Blog

As always here are a few pieces from Etsy to complete this look:

both of these tins can be found here or convo me to see if I have the state you are looking for!

Brighter colors from AntiquesGaloreGal and BreccaMarie

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not by the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin!

Why don't you
Sit right back
And I
I may tell you
A tale
A tale of 3
Little pigs
And a big

The funniest Halloween costume I saw this year was from none other than my cousin's husband, who wore it to work in a Pediatric Chiropractic Center in Omaha.
Needless to say, I had the Green Jelly song in my head all Halloween. Don't know what I'm talking about? Hit play, you will not regret it.

Growing up with a pig selling family, vintage pig items hold a place in my favorites....just a few

WHOSE AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF - 1930's Disney Three Little Pigs Ashtray

from TwitterFlitter for $25.00

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf 1958 Pattern

from futterby for $20.00

Vintage Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

from nelliesattic for $6.00

Little Winking Celluloid Pig Measuring Tape (1930)

from KathysSewingRoom for $5.30

This post is dedicated to my little brother who never fails to let me know when he hear's this lovely ballad, even Walleye Chant renditions!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vintage Train Cases and Luggage

Yesterday I decided to list a few of my larger items...mainly some luggage.
I love vintage luggage and tend to pick it up whenever I find it.

I love to look at the pieces GetReadySetGO does in their shop.
Here are a few that I listed in my shop:

Purple American Tourister for $30.00

Also listed last night were a beautiful Steeley Blue Haze for $28.00, Goldenrod Yellow $28.00, Avocado Green for $15.00 and Lipstick Red for $13.00.

I do have a white one that I am going to attempt to upcycle today, along with painting my cupboard from a few posts back! Check back to see my progress!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have no idea why my blogger page is all wonky! It won't let me post a picture! SO here is a link to picture of my cupboard! Click Here

Junk Jaunt Cupboard

I'm going to skip ahead to day 2 of the Junk Jaunt...
North Loup Nebraska or was it Ord, Nebraska?
This is the day all the towns started running together.
Anyway I'll go back to finish day 1, but I'm beginning a project of one of my finds from day 2.

Twice on day 2 I found items that weren't out for sale, but being the junker I am...I found this cupboard in a man's garage and asked "You wouldn't want to sell this would you?"  He named his price and had 2 young boys load it for me (much to my 11 yr olds liking).

Now if only I knew what to do with it!  What are your suggestions?  I had though of leaving it "as is" but the more I look at it, it just needs brightened up after being in a garage for who knows how many years!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Junk Jaunt 2009 Recap

I'm finally recovering from being gone and leaving my husband in charge of the house for 3 days. Needless to say there was somehow over 1 1/2 weeks worth of laundry to be done, no groceries in the house AT ALL and just massive amounts of stuff to do.

But the junk jaunt was well worth it. My 11 yr old and I left bright to (well not bright, as it was still dark out) and early Friday morning- 5:00AM. It was a 3 hour drive to our first stop-Broken Bow. We were both a little unsure of what to expect, but we were off. After a little Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy" and The Bangles "Manic Monday" thanks to the local radio station, we ran over a possum...well I think just its tail.

We got to Lexington before I realized we needed gas, but then we were set.

Our first stop was a garage sale in Broken Bow, I was excited she was excited and we scored a few finds. I found 4 black chromcraft chairs for $1 each, a few pairs of shoes, a purse and a few puzzles. My daughter picked up this Halloween mask and asked "Is this Michael Jackson?" (she was serious)
We headed to the Broken Bow Fairgrounds and found a few deals including a Big Wheel for my 2 yr old for Christmas and a bunch of dump rake teeth, for a project for my hubby(shh he doesn't know yet!).
At this point my camera was dropped by my 11 yr old, but thankfully not broken!
Much more to tell about the trip.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a few adventure pics

The last few weeks I've really begun to consider this as a business not just a hobby. I have quit putting everyone else's priorities first and quit feeling guilty about auctions and sales. Just because I LOVE my job, doesn't make it any less of a job.

I took a few picture of places I've ventured. This first set is the Labor Day auction in Imperial, Ne. This is the first time I've been and it is HUGE. I consider myself a die hard for flea markets, auctions, I love it and love the atmosphere. But this one was even too much for me. I would have left earlier...I had spent all of my money anyway, but I had locked my keys in the pickup!
These pictures are only a view from one spot, there was an entire fair ground stuffed with good stuff.

In Overton, Nebraska there is an amazing shop called Tiede's. It is full of goodies, set up nicely and clean. Here is one of the Pyrex sectionsBehind Tiede's is another little shop, words can't describe
It was a junk shop with non junk shop prices...but a fun adventure!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nebraska Junk Jaunt 2009

Starting Friday my 11 year old daughter and I are heading to the Junk Jaunt, an annual 300 mile yard sale running north/south through central Nebraska.
I have never been, but am very intrigued.

We are 'roughing it'. We have a tent, taking the pickup and my husband even rounded up a trailer for me to take (I was very surprised!).

Have any of you ever done one of the excursions?

We will be gone for 3 days and I'm trying to think of what we need to pack besides COMFY walking shoes, bubble wrap and money!

I'd love to hear your stories and suggestions. I hope to bring you many tales of fun when we return!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1960s Butterfinger Paper Dress Part 2

Okay, so I don't want this dress just laying around at my house. I personally don't like to be responsible for any valuables! So I put it up for Ebay auction, you can watch it or bid on it here.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Sept 10, 2009

Have you heard?
Vogue has coordinated a huge global campaign to stimulate and promote retail.
Sales, celebrations and shopping galore!
Stay tuned for a list of ONLINE retailers participating!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paper Dresses-1960s Fad 2009 Treasure

I found a treasure and have listed it on my Etsy Website, a paper dress,
with the Butterfinger logo.

I knew it was neat, I'd never actually touched a paper dress before, but I new the label was old and thought it was unique and fun. I came home and Googled "Butterfinger Paper Dress".
The only result I found was at a site called kakkoii mono.

This site has the same dress in a slightly smaller size and an amazing listing price, I also emailed Christie's Auction House in New York for an estimate and have in turn listed this amazing dress.

Check it out at my site DaisyToad's Vintage.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage Bathroom and Beauty

I love vintage bathrooms.
I cringe when I see HGTV tearing up that small black and white tile,
removing pink and turquoise toilets and sinks.
I also wonder if all housewives from days past looked as perfect as Donna Reed,
or did some of them sit around in sweats?
I found a few bathroom secrets on Etsy.

Vintage retro owl weight scale at buttonsnsuch for $18.00!

Dresser Set Including Brush Mirror and Comb at DaisyToad's Vintage for $52.00

Handy Hannah Hairdryer in Baby Blue at DaisyToad's Vintage for $17.25

Vintage Wig Case/Hat Box in Red Rose Floral
at DaisyToad's Vintage for $24.00

Vintage Sears FACIAL BEAUTY MIST new in box Retro YELLOW 1960's from GottaWannitVintage for $32.00

Lady Schick Electric Razor in Original Case at DaisyToad's Vintage for $10.00

Vintage Toddler Traveler Potty seat
at moongipsies for $3.00

1920 Art Deco Cast Iron Pedestal Sink at SagePatch for $119.00