Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So as a vintage clothing seller, Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays.

My daughter came to me last week and wanted to be an 80's person...kind like we used to want o go as 50's people....too funny!

Then she started talking about tie dye....then came a long pictorial discussion about the different styles of the different years.

Now her and her friends are going as 80's prom queens! It was SO much fun to put the costumes together...I can't wait to do the hair and makeup.............Wait....who's holiday is this?

this ZumZum is from flashbackRetro.etsy.com

and this black and blue number is from retrorenegadevintage.etsy.com

and wait is 80's style without a pop of color? check out the blue beauty up top from