Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage Ephemera--How do you like it?

I love vintage ephemera, whether it be magazines and adds, pictures from patterns, little bobble like the crackerjack games, milkcaps, charms--just about everything (Amazing I never appreciated history until after the highschool classes had ceased!)

My question for you is.....How do you like your ephemera? What is your favorite type, how do you like to buy it?

For instance, do you like to buy just certain pages?

Such as these 50's and 60's ads
from GeneralWhimsey2 for just $5.00?

The whole magazine?

Like this Look Magazine from HeartFeltVintage? for only $6.00!

Themed packages of ephemera?

Such as this Instant Vintage Blue Men's Group
from StilettoGirl? Priced at just 15.00 with FREE shipping in her shop!

Mixed packages of ephemera?

Such as this Vintage Ephemera Supply from PaperInk

I'd love to hear from you in the comments! Let me know your favorite way for ephemera!

1 comment:

sarah jane and bentley said...

Wow - I love ephemera - even before I knew other people did too..

Those are such cool finds.