Friday, July 30, 2010

What to do, what to do....painting

I love the way a piece looks after it finally been painted, but choosing the color is a totally different story! I have rarely regretted a color chosen for my own home (with the exception of a bedroom vanity, but it was easily repainted!) but now with the Grand Opening of my store looming in the near future, choosing a color that someone else will want to take home is stressing me out!

I have these pieces haunting me:

My first instinct on this was to just sand and stain, but now I'm thinking a black and leaving the "leather" inserts as it..... opinions?

As you can see, I started to paint this white. As I was painting it said "paint me cobalt blue" then it whispered "orange, orange" now I think possible a lettuce green color, arg it is really a pain when a piece has a split personality!

Ah, and finally this drop leave table. Do I go farmhouse red? steel blue? or standard black? or even a shabby chic white? buttercup yellow? sage green? sigh, what to do what to do!


Angela said...

First one: turquoise ! but leave the brown leather inserts alone =) I was feeling the green for the middle piece too! I love pops of bright colors on smaller pieces of furniture.

Carol said...

Here's my vote:

First one - white with glaze... leave the leather inserts.

Second one - turquoise.

Farmhouse table - RED

Good luck making a decision!