Monday, September 6, 2010

19 days okay, maybe 33 days

The sale is going to be pushed back to the 15th of October!

Tying tags, sweeping the floor, making fliers, finishing up furniture pieces, panicking. School has started, fall yard work needs done. Baby is walking now too. Oh yeah did I mention we are moving into a new home?

This is going to be a busy busy 33 days! I am so excited for the sale, nervous that no one will show up, but look at all they will be missing!

This amazing green cupboard will be hard to part with, so will this white and red set (perfect for a creation room!)

White shelf I'd love to keep for my daughters shabby chic room (there is a fabric covered foam board insert, with interchangeable fabric, bulletin board style!)

beachy chairs

dining room table

and so much more!

We've been spending every free moment planning and stocking. There are things we wish would be ready, but won't (that just means surprises for the Christmas sale!)


The Whistle Stop said...

I know the feeling... don't sweat it... my customers tell me they never know what I had planned and didn't get done. They just are glad I'm open. Good Luck!

Linda said...

Good luck with your sale! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog...I am a new follower of yours, too~ so nice to make a new blogging friend!