Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rainy Afternoon/Bullfrogs

I've always had a thing for frogs and toads. Rescuing them out of our window wells so they didn't' meet a frying in the sun fate, saving them from the neighborhood baseball game, I even made a frog piggy bank in high school pottery-Oh yeah and I named my store after them! In October we moved from our home that was also home to many, many, many toads....on any given night you could count 35+ toads sitting in our driveway catching bugs.

No one was allowed to pull into the driveway after dusk, Toad Crossing by ButtermilkHollow

I combed our yard and caught toads prior to mowing...get the picture? All winter I've been worried about whether or not we'd have toads at our new house, maybe worried isn't the right word-more curious and brainstorming how to attract them.
Toad Palace by ClaySoul
Last night we had a beautiful thunderstorm and it has carried into an afternoon shower, opening my window I was super excited to hear BULLFROGS! My house is finally home (weird huh?)

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Cindy said...

NOT weird at all! I love everything you said here! I love frogs and toads...I don't let the kids keep the toads as pets because I want them to live like they're supposed to...in my gardens and landscaping. I need to get a little cottage or two for our toads!