Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage Bathroom and Beauty

I love vintage bathrooms.
I cringe when I see HGTV tearing up that small black and white tile,
removing pink and turquoise toilets and sinks.
I also wonder if all housewives from days past looked as perfect as Donna Reed,
or did some of them sit around in sweats?
I found a few bathroom secrets on Etsy.

Vintage retro owl weight scale at buttonsnsuch for $18.00!

Dresser Set Including Brush Mirror and Comb at DaisyToad's Vintage for $52.00

Handy Hannah Hairdryer in Baby Blue at DaisyToad's Vintage for $17.25

Vintage Wig Case/Hat Box in Red Rose Floral
at DaisyToad's Vintage for $24.00

Vintage Sears FACIAL BEAUTY MIST new in box Retro YELLOW 1960's from GottaWannitVintage for $32.00

Lady Schick Electric Razor in Original Case at DaisyToad's Vintage for $10.00

Vintage Toddler Traveler Potty seat
at moongipsies for $3.00

1920 Art Deco Cast Iron Pedestal Sink at SagePatch for $119.00


Granny Sue said...

wow, what neat stuff. I love re-used, recycled, repurposed and just plain cool old stuff. I think we think alike.

Cindy said...

Seems to me that you're the type of person who loves estate sales! I go as often as I can. And, I only go on Sundays when things $30/$35 and under are half price. It's the way I control my addiction of Estate Sales.

Kate8085 said...

I am totally freaking out over that
owl scale..Argh! Its so awesome!

DaisyToad said...

I'm glad all three of you visited! and yes I love cool old stuff, I'm actually off on a multi town thrifting junking adventure today!

thriftstorecowboy said...

This post reminds me of our trip to the Hemingway House in Key West. Ernest saved a urinal from his favorite bar with the intention of installing it in the house. His wife refused so he instead made it into a fountain (still running) in the garden. To this day, the cats WILL NOT drink from it.