Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paper Dresses-1960s Fad 2009 Treasure

I found a treasure and have listed it on my Etsy Website, a paper dress,
with the Butterfinger logo.

I knew it was neat, I'd never actually touched a paper dress before, but I new the label was old and thought it was unique and fun. I came home and Googled "Butterfinger Paper Dress".
The only result I found was at a site called kakkoii mono.

This site has the same dress in a slightly smaller size and an amazing listing price, I also emailed Christie's Auction House in New York for an estimate and have in turn listed this amazing dress.

Check it out at my site DaisyToad's Vintage.


Jean said...

Oh. My. Lordy.

What a coup...how on earth did you find this dress? Would you mind sharing the story?

Kate8085 said...

Holy Crap!!!!!!!
Is there really anything else I can say?!
Congrats on a serious find!