Thursday, November 5, 2009

Etsy My Apartment, Plate Wall

Fellow Etsian GreenHeathTreasures recently posted in the forums for suggestions on decorating her new apartment from Etsy, and I, the fabulous Etsy shopper I am, decided to blog what I thought she needed!
I love the way these plate walls look. Here I've borrowed an image from the magazine
Living Etc.

I believe it is August of 2006.
(blue plates) and
my suggestion from Northwest #14: Allison and Bo's Bantam Roost from the Apartment
Therapy website
state souvenir tins.

Which I happen to have a few listed in my shop and many many more in my inventory.
Want this look? but can't find the states you crave? Let me know and I'll see if I have it!

If you like this look but want to put a bright mod twist to it, check out this wall found on the Bluelines Blog

As always here are a few pieces from Etsy to complete this look:

both of these tins can be found here or convo me to see if I have the state you are looking for!

Brighter colors from AntiquesGaloreGal and BreccaMarie


revolvingstyles said...

what a great idea. it looks fabulous!

Kim@ The Girl Can't Help It said...

I love collections of things on the wall, like those plats! I have a friend who has a wall of vintage starburst clocks and it's so unbelievably cool, it makes me motivated to do it myself! But then, I don't. Too much work, I guess. ;}

Elizabeth said...

I saw one of these plate walls and did something similar. Check out my version.