Monday, January 18, 2010

Making a Living

Never be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

I don't know who said this, but it sticks in my head. I am still in the midst of this process-a reorganization of life and priorities in my life.

Three years ago, I left my well paying job with excellent health insurance to be a stay at home mom. Over those three years I've struggled creating a balance. Managing my home is a full time job, especially with 3 kids and a husband who works 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week. Luckily he is a very active father when is here-for that I am blessed.

I've let my business consume my life, every spare minute is used checking emails, editing photo's, twittering, Etsy forums, researching, blogging.

I'm back to where I was. I am a work at home mom that has gotten caught up in the $$$'s and has forgotten the reason she chose to stay home.

I love my business and will continue, but how do you find balance??


Angela said...

This is why I don't agree that technology makes our lives easier. I think we also spend way too much time online. Even though we think we are doing so much "work" we are just wasting time. Since I work from home too, I've found that I am never off of my computer. I added up the hours the other day and it's astounding! I'm going to try to limit my online to work, school and 1 hour of frivolous searching. That way maybe I can call my family and see my husband. Oh yeah, he will have to agree to this plan too!

Connie In Michigan said...

When I was struggling with 3 little girls and a husband who was at work 12-15 hours 6-7 days a week we didn't have all this technology but trying to do it all was still a struggle. I was always at the sewing machine or cutting things out on the kitchen counter. Now instead of making ends meet I am doing the same thing to get us closer to retirement. I limit time "working" and I walk, everywhere I can. It slows me down and gives me time to think. Also since I usually have my daughter in her wheelchair it gives us time together as well. My oldest daughter's new favorite phrase is "Do what you love. Love what you do." And drop everything to dance in the kitchen with the kids, sing at the top of your lungs and make cookies.

Weezi.com said...

There are no easy answers!!! We all feel a certain amount of pressure to keep up and maintain our online presence but it really does take its toll.
I am still trying to figure it out myself.....
Today, it seems that you have to do all this if you want to be "successful".
Many days I resent how time I spend in front of the computer and how much it takes away from the rest of my life and other things I want to do.

In end,I guess we have to set boundaries for ourselves and do what we think is best. That can change every day..if it needs to.

I think they key is not to feel guilty. I don't about you, but I spend a lot of my time feeling guilty b/c about things I didn't do.
I didn't sell enough, I didn't post enough...I wasn't on Twiiter long enough...grrr!

Go with your heart and trust your gut..which can vary everyday.
That is beauty of doing what you do...you have flexibility.

I always say...if it was easy everyone would do it.
Hang in there!
Your friend from Canada :)

lauren said...

so, this is my first time at your blog and this is the first post i read and it could not be more timely. i am totally struggling right now to find balance between my vintage shop and well, life. i feel like when i had an office job i also had a little life and now my life is work and it's so hard to stop. your post is so open and honest and something about it has really reiterated my attempt to find this balance, so thank you for being so candid! and may you also find your balance.


Cindy said...

It's funny, I was more organized and had more "free" time when I worked a real job outside of the home. When I get caught up being online today, I almost say outloud what activity I'll do next. I do say it out loud if my husband happens to be around, but, he is gone 5 days a week working out of town. For instance, I'll say, after I read my e mails I'm going to do the dishes, make soup for tonight then change the laundry loads. I don't have little ones but, when I was self employed and they were young, I sort of used them to keep me accountable. I'd say, "at 3PM, we're going on a walk to the park", or let's play with playdough", etc.

Jill said...

I'm struggling with this too. I've started aloting myself so much time for a task. Like maybe 1 hr. cleaning, 2 hrs. laundry, 1 hr. kid activities, etc. Only a couple items designated each day. It's so much easier to clean etc. when you know you can stop at the end of the time and then check email, list items etc.
But the big thing I'm trying to remember is that my value does not come from how successful my online shop does. My heart truly wants to be with my family. In three years, I could build up quite a little online business....but then my kids would be 3 years older and what will their impression of who there Mom is be? If that's what I want-and it is-I'm not sure how this gets to be a struggle--but it IS!