Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage White Sale

Historically white sales were believed to be held in order to keep linen and bedding makers in business throughout the slower winter season, being called "White Sales" because linens and bedding were primarily -- you guessed it --white.

Vera Tea Towels in Herb Garden Print, set of 2 at FalconandFinch for $25.00

Times have changed however our love for sales has not, starting tomorrow January 1oth, the Etsy Vintage Market Team is holding their own version of a White Sale.

Do a search on Etsy for vmteamwhitesale and find bargains on not only linens, bedding and aprons, but white jewelry, household and clothing.

This sale runs through Sunday January 17th and is only found at Etsy!


Anonymous said...

I love embroidery

reprise said...

good luck on the sale!

shabbychic72 said...

I love your blog! And I love those tea towels from FalconandFinch!

:) Kerri (shabbychic72)