Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hunt for the Giant Toad

I have found my giant toad, my little immigrant is on her way from Mexico as we speak. I so wanted to buy a locally made one, but I'll have to settle for handmade. My dad actually stumbled upon a woman who transports these immigrants to Nebraska and sells them for her family in Mexico.
Notice her size compared to the man she sits next to!


Cindy said...

Holy cow...er toad! I live by Omaha...where in Nebraska is this gal?

DaisyToad said...

Lexington : ) I wonder if she'll go to the flea market in Lexington this year with them or if the flea market coordinator knows who she is?

J'adore Heather said...

hey! found you on etsy..love your store!
I am on etsy too!!!
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Olivia said...

I absolutely love grande toad!

On The Avenue said...

Fantastic Frog! Do you ever get to Grand Island, Daisy? Stop by and see me!