Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day

My husband said "Go buy what you want for Mother's Day". Okay, not words of appreciation, but I'll take it and I won't be upset that he didn't painstakingly shop for something, anything that could represent his undying appreciation for me birthing his 3 children and washing his stinky socks-he has been working 14 hr days for the last 2 weeks.

But then my trouble begins. I do the bills, so I know what is in the account to spend. I know I want a corner tv stand and a new computer desk, but I'd also like a pink tool set-ala Tom Boy tools- I figure if they are pink my husband won't steal them!

But since I am mom and will do what is extremely too practical-but will save me a lot of worry and headache-I am getting......a new baby gate. Happy Mother's Day!