Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bread Pudding--I want some!

I ate THE best bread pudding a few weeks ago at The Blue Moon in Grand Island, Nebraska. Of course ever since then, I have been CRAVING it! SO I've been searching for a fabulous recipe for bread pudding. Do you have one? Post it here in the comments...PLEASE!

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kim* said...

mmmm- no i don't but i know there are tons out there... hm who will post one, who will it be?

when i think of bread pudding i think of:

the retirement home i workedat cause thats where they had last that i have seen.

and also i think of that rum bread cake...teramasu ? i dont know how to spell it...boy did it taste like rum!!!!!!!!!!! the first time i hear that it was also there hahaha...funny... well i was a waitress so yes food was always served.