Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Priorities Take 2

It funny how your priorities can change in a matter of days, weeks or over a period of time.
After a personal battle of what I was being called to do, I have decided I WILL spend more time working.

When I can contribute even a little financially to the family I feel more of a sense of pride. My husband tells me that he just needs me to care for our family, but my personal struggle will always be wanting it all. I want to be an entrepreneur and I want to be a mother and I CAN do it all, it will just take a bit of planning!


We had a family meeting and I expressed what I was feeling and told the family what I was needing from them to help out the process. My husband is busy calving right now, as well as working a new job in which he hopes to be a supervisor in the next few months-meaning he is working crazy hours.I put my toddler in daycare an extra day a week and have committed myself to only working in my shop on those days, not working on housework. Well working as much as my mobile 9 month old will allow! I told my tween that I will now pay her to babysit when I am working on the other days, and gave her a chore list for which she will get an allowance based on the percentage complete.


I am also restructuring my housework schedule to include this extra work day and to include Saturday, prime sourcing day!

Tuesday-Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms
Wednesday-Laundry, Bathrooms
Friday-Bathrooms, Office
Saturday-Project day
Sunday-Project day I added project day because I was getting behind on my major to do list, with things such as yard work, cleaning out junk drawer, garage etc.


I am planning on working on the branding of my store, what are the rules on using a published pin up in my branding? Anyone know?-I'm checking into this, I'll let you know!

I improved my shop banner, need to improve my avi's on all my site and switch my blogger banner to the new one.
I am also working on more consistent listing, tracking my hours worked and re figuring my prices to make sure it is all still worth my time : )

Oh yeah and lowering my shipping to First Class and envelope shipping if at all possible, I'm tired of refunding shipping-I'd prefer my customers just to save in the beginning!

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