Sunday, March 7, 2010

Business Cards

I've been without business cards for almost a year now after a rip off job done by an online "friend" (I paid her and she never followed through, now will not return my calls or emails)

Whenever I go to order cards I get overwhelmed, I have a few that I have designed but each site has different size requirement, I find that strange since business cards are the same size for the most part. After hours of working on the design, I go to upload and its wrong.

Tonight I ordered 50 cards from Moo, a little expensive and I didn't need the double sided stuff, but we'll see how they turn out-I've heard wonderful things about them.

After I ordered I ran acrossed a blog called Got A Lot To Give. Its a newish blog, with some great giveaways-of course the one I found it a business card giveaway sponsored by U Printing.

Check out the site, follow them and enter some give aways!!!

Oh yeah and let me know where you get your cards from and what you like and don't like!

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