Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Love for Vintage Pyrex

I love vintage pyrex, I believe if I had more storage I would be a Pyrex hoarder. There are so many patterns that I never even knew existed!

Here are some of my more recent favorites that I have found:

Pyrex Square-Dot Bowl-4 Quart at marianneclare for $36.00
This gorgeous earth tone Pyrex Terra Mixing Bowl at Oystercatcher for only $9.00Funky Barbed wire Pyrex divided dish and lid at TeaAndMilk for $18.00Gorgeous Pyrex golden scroll casserole - gold on aqua at peacockmodern for $24.00
and last but not least, if I ever find a full set of these I believe my heart will stop,
POLKA Dotted Pyrex at sweetshorn for $24.00


Renee[Q][C] said...

I though I was the only one obsessed. If I didn't live in the tiniest apartment ever I would own tons!!

SweetToothVintage said...

i love the last bowl - so cute!