Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tween Bedroom Decorating in VINTAGE! Part 1

As we ready for our new baby, my 11 yr old daughter is getting a brand new room, it now officially has half of its walls (hubby better hurry only 5 weeks til baby is here!)

If you have a difficult tween you know that I have few choices on the decor of this room, only the money being spent. So here I am creating the room that I think her and I could agree on, the only challenge? It's all vintage on Etsy!

So I found this awesome WILD vintage 60s MOD ZEBRA striped FAUX FUR bedspread from greygardensvintage for a low $85.00! I know she would love it and it would give me some points to make my own executive decisions about other things!

Add these Vintage Blue shag throw pillow accents from CaptainCat for $26.00

I'm not sure if I would make a wall shelf out of this suitcase or use it on the floor, but what a find! The Blue Starflite.........Vintage Hard Suitcase from swankysatchels for $43.00
Wow! I always new Etsy has some great finds, but I didn't realize how many! I'm going to have to take this room decorating in parts!

Stay tuned for Part 2, if you have any suggestions please link me in the comments!

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Renee[Q][C] said...

I would have loved an awesome vintage theme bedroom as a tween. How sweet. Etsy is the place to look. Check my blog for some great items on Etsy for under 20 bucks.