Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gasp! Cough Cough! What is that Smell?

Living in the country in Nebraska with 2 dogs we have battled our fair share of skunk close calls, in fact 2 years ago our dogs encountered them 3 times in a matter of months.

You would think dogs would be smart enough to figure out the big black and white things are stinky.....but alas.....last night one of the dogs decided to test it out again. This time it must have been right on our front deck because the smell is indescribable.

If you've never smelled skunk up close, it smells nothing like the dead skunk you pass on the highway, it is much much much worse.

So of course this morning I search Etsy for "skunk" and I came across this adorable vintage skunk valentine at ricracandbuttons

for only $7.95

No don't get me wrong I actually think skunks are pretty cute, I like to watch them waddle but whenever this happens I prefer my skunks to look like this Vintage 1940's Art Deco Skunk Fur Bolero Coat - Medium from flapperflock

and for $84.00 you can enjoy your skunk at a cost lower than a dog de-skunking at your local groomer!

So today if you run across my path or at least come within 100 feet of my house you will want this M61 Gas Mask and Filter Original Finish With Bag by DebbieSewingRoom for a mere $25.00 you can come to my house and not be offended, at least by the odor outside!
And if you are visiting, please don't try to call ahead. Since Alltel is merging with Verizon my phones are not working. Ah Nebraska...The Good Life!

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