Sunday, May 31, 2009

Revisiting Etsy to Shop for Father's Day

DahlilaFound posted a link in the comments to the manly section in her store, which includes shoes and belts and hats....neat stuff : )

Thanks DahlilaFound!

But the rest of my search was pretty disappointing and I don't mean I'm disappointed at the items I found, but I am disappointed at the time it took me to search Etsy and find things.

I found a lot of things that I would buy for my husband but secretly for me, like "his" collection of Boxer Dog figures that I buy for him.

I love this Brinns Dog and Pups Vintage Ashtray from jenscloset for only 8 bucks its a steal...if it is still there when I get my family room shelves up...it is SO MINE!

I also found these that I would decorate the family room with (The family room is the one room in the house where my husband can keep his trophies and college football memorabilia). They are Vintage Case Tractor Metal Emblems from ArtfulVintage for only $12.00.
I am very grateful that my husband didn't find these several years back, because I KNOW he would have worn this vintage t shirt TUXEDO to our wedding! No joke. You can get yours at weltenbueger for only $25.00!

I also found this 1898 Historical Original Map of Nebraska at bananastruedel for $15.00. My dad would love looking at this!
So although searching Etsy for manly items wasn't a total bust, it sure would have been a lot easier with more categories and less mistagging.


jenscloset said...

Great blog! thanks so much for mentioning by cool doggy ashtray!

ArtfulVintage said...

I'm so glad to find your beautiful blog!