Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

Growing up May 1st always meant decorating little baskets of goodies....usually plastic cups filled with candy....to friends and neighbors.

You put the May Basket onto the porch, rang the doorbell and RAN!! Because if you got caught by a boy, they had to kiss you! Now it means scrambling around to try to do the same for my kids, but I usually am not sure what month it is, let alone the date....so here is my vintage
'Ode to May Day'.
Please comment on your favorite May Day Memory!

A Red Plastic Pickle Purse, what a unique find from VintageFunland this would make me smile if I found it sitting on my front porch, but it made me smile seeing it on my computer screen!

At $29.00 you could easily make a statement!

This Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Lunchbox is exactly like my very first flea market purchase! I used it as a purse all through Jr. High and High School, it would make a perfect May Day basket filled with goodies for that trendy friend! $25.00 from jamielanie

And if you are looking for something a bit smaller
as a party favor type gift check out these

Flower Power Purses

in my shop DaisyToad's Vintage for only $5.00 you get 4 mini purses to fill!

Happy Vintage May Day!

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