Friday, May 29, 2009

Left Etsy Frustrated After Trying to Search for Men's Items

Father's Day is quickly approaching, but there is still time to shop on Etsy for the man in your life! The men in my life are dirty manly men, my husbands idea of dressing up is a t shirt that still has the sleeves on and he hasn't birthed a calf in. So that is my challenge for the day finding manly men things on Etsy! Wish me luck!

Wow, this is A LOT harder than I thought! Searching Etsy isn't an easy task, I've tried browsing by category, but they really aren't set up very shopper friendly. As a seller I'd notice that it is hard to find a way to list men's items, but as a buyer I am usually looking for something specific. I guess I'll just start typing in words of things I WOULD buy and hope for the best results!

Oh my, mistagging, lack of categories I'm frustrated! Must take a break for some Diet Dr. Pepper and come back to this. I'm changing my title to this post!

If you have some suggestions that you have found, post them in the comments!


Dahlila said...

Sorry you are frustrated shopping on Etsy.

I don't know if this will help, but I have a Men's Room in my thrift shop on Etsy. It's mostly urban accessories, but you never know.


good luck.

p.s. Etsy has a lot of homemade soaps & bath accessories. He might like that. Type in "beer soap." I'm not kidding. It's apparently popular.


forrestina vintage said...

I don't have any manly items but I know what you mean about searching for them. Etsy has had a lot of "guy" type items on the front page in the last 2 weeks (assuming for impending Father's Day) but nothing that would truly appeal to the non-metro sex type man. I looked last Christmas for my 76 yr old father-in-law with no luck as well. Maybe start a thread in the forum for ideas from other Etsians?!