Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mama Kitty, Mother's Day and Vintage

Mama kitty and all FIVE of her babies are doing well!
I'll post more pictures tomorrow, I've been trying to leave her alone as much as I can so she can rest (and my hubby says I'm crazy when I stand by the window and watch her nurse her little ones!).

So today I will blog a tribute as an ode to upcoming Mother's Day and the birth of my kitty's kitties!

My first pick is this Vintage Cat Green Glass Decanter Bottle from bouquet for $38.00!I watch my kittens nurse and sleep and wonder this exact sentiment voiced on this vintage 50s CHILDS HANKIE sleeping Kittie Cat Kitten What Do Kittens Dream Of brought to you by AppelJar for only $9.50! I love the jammies on this kitty!

Don't you just love the ruggedness of chalkware?
This kitten family has been through a lot together but look at them!
ionesAttic brings you these Vintage Chalkware Cats for only $16.00
Happy Mother's Day Week to all of you Mother's!

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trudette, said...

Great picks ! You have a lovely Blog , I am going to follow you from now on :)