Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two 2 Deux Deuce

Yesterday was my sons 2nd birthday, let the terrible 2's begin! Actually they started a few months back! Today I searched Etsy for the number 2 and here are some of my finds.

My search inspired me to list a Set of Two Gray Donkey Figures Made in Japanfor just $6.00

Then I found these Two White Dogs - Vintage Figurine at lovethatvintage for $15.00
And at VintageMafia I found my favorite Tupperware item ever! These Two Vintage avocado green 20 oz Servalier by Tupperware for $9.00
I have several of these in my fridge now...in the avocado green, gold and orange.
Gotta love those true 70's colors!

Then I search for "number 2" and found this amazing Vintage Number 2 Glass from AtomicHotdish for only $4.25

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Pattie Cordova said...

Thanks for featuring Vintage Mafia! The Tupperware bowls are a great add to any kitchen.