Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vintage Time

I love vintage timepieces!
The quality and uniqueness, the history and stories they could tell. Just imagine how many times they've been looked at! A girl anxiously waiting for her date to pick her up, parents waiting for there children at night, if only we knew those stories!

I've never seen a watch like this Jesus watch offered by smallandmousey just a small reminder that we are all on God's time!

Get this daily reminder for only $14.00!

In my last house, our kitchen had an outlet just for vintage wall clocks, do you think I could find one?
If only I had known about Etsy and this clock by GeneralWhimsey2.

This Lux Flower Burst Electric Wall Clock is just $100.00

Leather Cuff Watches are HOT this season.
Everyone from Johnny Depp to David Beckham is sporting them.

SO you need to check out this 70s Vintage Timex Piece from
DaisyToad's Vintage (me!) for only $65.00

Great for Father's Day!

I love this Deco rare jadeite green glass vintage CLOCK by
cutfromthesamecloth for $62.00 you get a gorgeous RARE piece from history!

And last for today (I could go on forever!) is this classic
Baby Ben clock from flohmarkt for only $15.00

So go do some searching and bring some vintage time into your home!

1 comment:

TheEclecticElement said...

Those are definitly some very lovely vintage pieces!
Makes me want to wear a watch now. Lol